About us



                  With the idea for bringing the past to present in style of camping. “3199 mountain camp” has its own characteristic which inspired from “Gypsy”. We will bring you to the root of gypsy who has well known in traveling, mystic spell, music, philosophy and freedom. 3199 mountain camp tent is designed from the gypsy caravan stay during their travel which is call “ GYPSY STYLE”. The camp is on the 6 rais or 9,600 Sq.m surrounded by trees and mountain. You will experience natural living with pond, hiking and paddle activities. In the night time, campfire, cooking and chilling which more than you can imagine. The camp is 25 Km. away from the province which is able to travel by bus or van. The 3199 route is the main road to many attractions like Erawan National Park, Sai Yok National Park, Safari Park, Bridge on the river Kwai and ETC. 3199 mountain camp opens during Thailand’d winter, only 1 season a year.You will be enchanted with the spell of music, natural, art and love.