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When the winter comes, you all will be enchanted with the spell of happiness  in the gypsy decoration style. The travel, mystic spell, music, philosophy, freedom, natural and caravan are what well known for gypsy.


3199 mountain camp, at Kanchanaburi is a new way to stay with the style of camping and  music. The gypsy decoration style with the live music band for dinner, Buffet BBQ party, breakfast, sunset hiking, paddle in the mountain view pond and hipster views to snap are what you will get when you come to 3199 mountain camp. Apart from what have been listed, you can enjoin special live performance of well known artistes on the event day.


3199 mountain camp is located at route 3199, Wang Dong district, Kanchanaburi province which is well known for historical tourist attractive and natural. The camp is 25 Km. away from the province which is able to travel by bus or van. The 3199 route is the main road to many attractions like Erawan National Park, Sai Yok National Park, Safari Park, Bridge on the river Kwai and ETC. 3199 mountain camp opens during Thailand’d winter, only 1 season a year.You will be enchanted with the spell of music, natural, art and love.




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